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Bath Bomb Recipe with Lavender

To many, the thought of making bath bombs is intimidating. It’s true that the process takes a little more finesse than some DIY skin care recipes, but I’ve found that understanding the role that each ingredient plays helps me to consistently make the best bath bombs.

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Posted by Jan

Fruit and Herb-Infused Water Recipes

A huge part of healthy living is about adopting lots of small, daily habits that add up to lifelong wellness. For over 25 years of clinical herbal practice, I have sought out and recommended simple hacks for making good lifestyle choices easier. Infused waters offer a simple way to fit nutrition and wellness support into something we already do every day. We all drink water, after all, so why not add the flavor and benefits of fruits and herbs?

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Posted by Kami

Plant Diversity & Natural Pest Solutions for Garden Health

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to solving pest problems in our yards and gardens. Every system is unique and constantly changing. Thus, it’s important to equip your garden with a wide range of tools that will help it flourish. Fortunately, backyard biodiversity offers a broad and adaptable range of ecological services through methods like protecting predatory insects and supporting their reproduction, or working against the reproductive cycles of the pests you want to reduce. Let’s talk about why it’s necessary to equip your home garden with the multitude of tools it needs to strengthen resilience and reduce weed and pest pressure naturally.

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Posted by Krystal

Golden Milk Powder Blend + Latte Recipe

Haldi—or turmeric, as we know it—has been used as a beneficial herb for thousands of years. Ayurvedic practitioners consider turmeric to be important for overall good health and have traditionally used it to support joint mobility, digestion, and circulation, among other bodily processes.* Haldi doodh (haldi=turmeric and doodh=milk), sometimes referred to as golden milk,is a sippable turmeric infusion that offers an exceptional and traditional way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric—but the spice blend used in this beverage can be enjoyed in countless other ways as well!

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Posted by Heidi

Summer Breeze Natural Linen Spray Recipe

If you use a natural laundry detergent, or if you make your own laundry liquid, you probably have realized that the scents of the essential oils you used do not last quite as long as their chemical-laden commercial counterparts. Many of us really do appreciate that long-lasting clean smell, and it can feel like a trade-off of making the switch to natural alternatives—that is, until you learn how to incorporate organic linen sprays to enhance your earth-friendly laundry care routine.

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Posted by Jessicka

3 Organic Bitters Blends from Mountain Rose Herbs

Sweet, sour, salty, umami, and everyone's “favorite” flavor: bitter! Bitter herbal concoctions have a long history of use across nearly every culture. They are a unique sensory experience and must be tasted to do their important work. As soon as herbal bitters hit the tongue, the bitter compounds activate our salivary glands, which in turn send signals to our gastrointestinal system that it is time to digest. 

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Posted by Elise

No-Bake Golden Milk Energy Balls

Each spring as another camping season draws near, I find myself on the hunt for new gear deals, trail spots, and of course, trail food recipes! My ideal camping fare is healthy, filling, shelf-stable, and simple to make (after all, preparing to hit the trail requires enough prep already!). Homemade energy balls already tick all those boxes, but I was recently inspired to pack even MORE goodness into each tasty bite—with a little turmeric and chai spice.

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Posted by Jana

Best Herbs for Men's Health

This time of year—coming up on Father’s Day—I take some extra time to appreciate how blessed I have been in the quality of the men who have played significant roles in my life. I was raised by an excellent single father, I’m married to the best of husbands, and I’m privileged to be mother to two fantastic sons. From the time I was a little girl, “my” men have always had my back, believed in me, lifted me up, and supported my dreams. So when it comes to their health, I’m serious about providing everything I can to support their overall well-being.

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Posted by Heidi

3 DIY Beard Oil Recipes & How to Use Them

While I’m not the person in our family who wears the beard, I am the one who first brought organic beard oil into our house. I was introduced to the concept of beard oil by my brother (who rocks an epic leprechaun beard) as a way to help soothe the dreaded beard itch. Plus, his wife was thrilled with how soft and smooth his newly nourished beard had become! Making my husband more kissable while pampering his mountain man beard sounded like a win-win to me.  Read More
Posted by Kiley

Soothing Homemade Herbal Foot Soak

Herbal foot soaks are one of my favorite herbal treatment modalities! In my house, we do foot soaks in the evening about once a week, and this habit has become a real treat for my family. It is truly amazing to watch how we all get a little calmer and nicer as we sit there chatting with our feet tucked into little buckets full of herbal tea. My son and I like to play cards—rummy is our card game of choice—and do foot soaks before going to bed and we find it to be a perfect winding-down evening ritual. (Parenting pro tip: herbal foot soaks are a great way to get the kids slopping around in herbs when they are young!) I am known for creating herbal foot soak experiences for family gatherings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and whenever we find ourselves just hanging out with friends. Eat, drink, foot soak, and be merry is the motto around here…

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Posted by Kami

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