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Supporting Heritage Herbalism in Appalachia

 Overlooking the ancient and herb-rich landscape of the Appalachian Mountains.

From the hills of eastern Kentucky to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, there exists an ancient yet vibrant tradition of folk herbalism. The mountains of Appalachia are among the oldest in the world, and their immense botanical diversity hosts an astounding number of useful plants, hundreds of which are found nowhere else on earth. Read More
Posted by Jana

A Still Life: Hydrosol Distillation with Our Organic Growers

Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant material, creating aromatic waters. Hydrosols have similar properties to their essential oil counterparts but with a subtler (and often greener) scent. They are lauded for their ease of use and versatility in aromatherapy and body care formulations.

During the brief lull between distilling season and planting season, the lovely husband-wife team who craft our certified organic hydrosols took a moment to tell us more about how they create these delightfully fragrant waters.

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Posted by Jana

Why We Go Out of Stock

We know there’s nothing more inspiring for our customers than a fully-stocked apothecary or spice cabinet. Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we pride ourselves on providing herbal enthusiasts with a veritable buffet of botanical bounty. Our organic farmers across the world do their very best to support us in that mission, and we are constantly inspired by their ability to provide harvests of such exceptional quantity and quality.

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Posted by Jana

Why Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs Are Cultivated in China

Organic panax ginseng plants thrive under shade cloth.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been in existence for thousands of years. Although there are a variety of theories and different applications in TCM, they are based on the same principle—in order to have good health, people must cultivate and balance their Qi (ch’i). Qi, which translates to “life force” or “vital energy,” is thought to circulate through channels or meridians in the body in a dynamic manner. Practitioners of TCM believe that particular herbs are a powerful tool in creating “life force” balance.

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Posted by David

Sustainable Cultivation and Wildcrafting in Europe

In Eastern Europe, herbs are a place where two worlds come together. Practices handed down through the generations collide with the realities of the modern world. In the five countries I visited on a three-week trip in June, this juxtaposition was unavoidable.

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Posted by David

Harvesting Seaweeds off the Coast of the Atlantic

Seaweeds, also known as “sea vegetables,” are widely prized for their rich supply of minerals and their unique umami-packed flavor. Bladderwrack, dulse, and nori are some of the healthful certified organic seaweeds that thrive off the beautiful coast of Maine's Atlantic waters. I took a trip across the country to visit with our skilled harvesters who devote their life to these flavorful ocean treasures.

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Posted by Jacob

Into the Peruvian Mountains for Fair Trade Cacao

Cacao has a long and colorful history beginning in Central and South America. At Mountain Rose Herbs, our fair trade organic cacao powder, nibs, and butter are sourced from an area known as the Cordillera Azul in Peru. There, cacao thrives in fields nourished by seven mighty rivers and abundant rainfall. No irrigation needed! We had the pleasure of traveling to this beautiful region to meet our hardworking farmers who nurture and harvest this beloved botanical.

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Posted by Farms

Cultivating Organic Ashwagandha in India

Ashwagandha is to Ayurveda what Ginseng is to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a cornerstone root used through the ages as a part of daily life. A root so treasured that its popularity has spread globally and its use is common.

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Posted by Jennifer

Reviving a Forgotten Tea Growing Region

Deep in the Himalayan foothills just west of Nepal is a relatively unknown tea region: Kumaon. In the springtime, these hillsides are awash in green. Lush, vibrantly hued tea plants that smell as intoxicating as they taste, grow between stands of conifers. This is where you’ll find Desmond, the manager of our certified organic tea operations there.

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Posted by Raychel

From Harvest to Home: Our Organic Ginger

Ginger has been valued as a fresh and zesty spice for centuries as well as a key herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other herbal traditions. Its first recorded uses were discovered in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese texts, and it can now be found in homes across the globe. Not only is ginger renowned for supporting healthy digestion, but it’s also known for its unique flavor that adds a spicy kick to a variety of dishes.

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Posted by Rachel

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