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Herbal Events 2019 with Mountain Rose Herbs

Each year, Mountain Rose Herbs hosts, sponsors, and participates in amazing events all across the country. From herbal festivals and organic farming conferences to natural product tradeshows and wilderness conservation fundraisers, we love connecting with you all in person!

Here’s where you’ll find us in 2019 (we may add more events as the year progresses, so check back for more fun!) …

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Posted by Mason

Our Top Recipes of 2018

While looking forward to a fresh new year, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the past and the lessons learned along the way. We had a blast creating a variety of botanically inspired recipes for you, from natural body care formulations to herbal remedies that will keep you well all year long. Here are seven selections from 2018 that really stood out:

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Posted by Raychel

Homemade Energy Gel with Chia & Cordyceps from Four Sigmatic

Outdoorsy athletes can be a funny lot. We claim to value nothing more than immersing ourselves in the natural world, yet some of the snacks we use to fuel these adventures are many, many steps removed from anything that grows from the earth. Lots of popular power bars and energy gels contain an unsettling amount of processed sugars and synthetic preservatives, and the individually wrapped servings generally end up in a landfill (that is, if they don’t escape from your pocket and out onto the trail). For these reasons, I’ve been working on finding my own homemade alternatives to power my activities, finding success with some DIY energy bars and now this energy gel recipe from Four Sigmatic.

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Posted by Jana

5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle from Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

For so many of my patients, much of what’s driving their lack of well-being is rooted in the way they live their lives. Contrary to what science used to think—that we are victims of our genetics—we realize today that there are so many ways we can live our lives that can positively (or negatively) impact the expression of our genes. We’ve gone back to the ways of our grandmothers, leaning on ancient wisdom to inform new habits. Nature and nurture are intricately intertwined in the tapestry that is our lives.

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DIY Dandelion & Orange Bitters for Digestion

Bitters seem to be all the rage these daysand for good reason! Among their many benefits is their much-touted ability to stimulate digestive function. These dandy-orange bitters are no exception. They make a great all-purpose bitter that’s traditionally been used to support normal digestion and is also quite handy as a bitter for mixed drinks!

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Posted by Mason

How to Create Your Own Herbal Tea Blends

There are lots of ways to enjoy the goodness of plants, but for accessibility and simplicity, it's hard to beat a good cup of tea. Herbal tea blends are a fantastic way to combine the synergistic qualities of different plant allies, and creating your own allows you to craft steepable combinations that cater to your personal nutrition goals and flavor preferences. With such a wide world of botanicals to choose from, however, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we've been crafting organic tea blends for decades, and we're all too happy to share some of the strategies we've pick up along the way!

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Posted by Kendle

How to Make Herb-Infused Oils for Cooking, Body Care & More!

The world of herbalism is intriguing, vast . . . and sometimes intimidating! Projects like creating tinctures using the percolation method, or making your own mead, can seem daunting for those new to the botanical arts. That's why when we're trying to help a friend get started in herbs without overwhelming them, we often recommend one of our favorite herbalism projects for beginners: making herb-infused oils

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Posted by Irene

How Herbalism Helps Communities Blossom

I recently attended the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and was struck by the sense of welcome and togetherness that was present throughout the entire event. There was much focus on inclusion and creating space for one another, and I felt compelled to share that spirit beyond the bounds of the conference. I was inspired to help bring more awareness to the strength of the herbal community and how people can be more involved in putting it to good use. Herbalists come in all genders, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, education levels, and from all geographic locations and backgrounds, and we all have something to share with each other.

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Posted by Jessicka

How to Make Herbal Vinegar

Food preservation has been around for thousands of years. From drying acorns for extended storage to turning grapes into wine, the act of preservation has allowed people around the globe to enjoy various foods and botanicals well past their harvest season. As a chef and homesteader, I often find myself having way more fresh ingredients than I can use before they turn. This is where food preservation comes into play! I do my best to appropriately utilize as much as I can so that my family may enjoy the spring, summer, and autumn harvest well into the cold winters of Maine. Extra cabbage gets salt and turns to sauerkraut, excess peaches get pureed and dehydrated into fruit leather, and the list goes on. Over the years, I have become particularly fond of vinegar and its acidic properties to capture the essence, flavor, and minerals naturally found in fruits and herbs. 

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Posted by Frank

Understanding Nervines & Adaptogens: Herbs for Stress & the Nervous System


No matter how busy life gets, it's essential to make time for self care, and supporting our nervous systems is particularly important. Herbal nervines and adaptogens can be invaluable allies for coping with the normal day-to-day aggravations of life: work pressures, family responsibilities, financial worries, seasonal mood slumps, over-reliance on caffeine, and so on. Whether your nervous tension results in intermittent minor aches, occasional melancholy, or the odd sleepless night, herbs that can help us find relaxation and calm to enjoy normal and healthful cycles of activity and rest.

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Posted by Jana

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