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Citrus Fresh Foam DIY Hand Soap

The winter season is often a time for travel, holidays, family gatherings, and sometimes battling the germs that can accompany these festivities. During this season of cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and fireside chats, I try my best to keep my family healthy and happy, but it’s not always easy. I live and die by my Grandmother’s “golden rule”: always wash your hands with soap as often as possible. This single action is proven to help prevent the spread of germs and is an effective way to remove pesky bacteria from your hands. All it takes is 20 seconds of hand washing with soap and clean water. I especially like foaming hand soap because it’s easier to use and more fun for the kiddos. You can find a foaming bottle at most stores, or you can repurpose foaming soap bottles that you’ve purchased in the past.

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Posted by Christina Anthis

The Complete Guide to Our Organic Chili Pepper Powders

I didnt grow up eating spicy foods. As embarrassing as this is to admit now, the thought of eating food that was spicy was actually scary to me. I felt like I never knew what I was getting into and as far as I was concerned, eating something too spicy was crossing the line of no return and would ruin my whole meal. That is, until I learned how to properly cook with them!

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Posted by Jessicka

Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate with Chocolate de Mesa Recipe

One crisp autumn day this year I decided to lounge in the hammock in my woodsy backyard. I got to unwind under the trees and take in the gentle senses of a sunny but cool late fall day. It was that time of year when I could see the steam of my breath on the breeze. As the sun set, a chill caressed my skin. Solstice is soon upon us. My inner time goddess takes note of the seasonal passage and makes her declaration: It is time for hot chocolate.

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Posted by Mimi Hernandez

Natural Laxative Herbs to Help with Regularity

In 1974, I ran into a woman who claimed my chronic sinus problems came from my colon. She showed me an illustration created by pioneering nutritionist and iridologist, Bernard Jensen, which showed a distorted colon encrusted with hardened fecal matter. She also quoted Jensen’s famous line, “death begins in the colon.” This wasn’t unusual thinking among the Utah midwives and herbalists I began to associate with in the late 1970s. They all believed that one key to keeping healthy was to stay regular. Although I no longer believe that colon cleansing is a therapy everyone needs, I do see value in keeping the colon regular. All of us suffer from time to time with the affliction one of my friends jokingly called “stucky-gutsies.” He also referred to it as the Chinese affliction “hung-chow”.

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Posted by Steven Horne

Understanding Taxonomy and Species Labeling in Natural Herbal Products

Have you ever wondered about scientific names when analyzing a label or reading about an herb in your favorite herbal book? Besides being fun to learn (and pronounce), botanical names provide a universally accepted system of recognition. Depending on numerous factors, such as the region you live in, the lineage you’ve grown up with, or school you attended, the same plant could be referred to by several different common names. This can make it really confusing if you’re trying to identify a plant in the wild, consult an herbal book, or purchase a specific herb. I’ve found that a little overview of scientific botanical terminology can go a long way in understanding the plants I work with and use every day.

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Posted by Elise

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Oil and Shiitake Mushrooms

Brassicas—that genus of plants in the mustard family that includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts, among others—have not always been my vegetables of choice. I blame the fact that I was a child of the 70’s: bell bottoms, 8-track tapes, rotary phones…and seriously overcooked vegetables. My father was considered a “health nut” who insisted we eat whole grains and sprouted seeds, and that we take a daily dose of what he called mushroom tea, now commonly known as kombucha. However, outside of our home, it was a weird time for food, an era when a popular party and potluck dish called “Watergate Salad” was made from a horror list of ingredients that included marshmallows, instant pistachio pudding, and a whipped topping of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil. But, in my opinion, it was the abused vegetables that were the worst. Bowls of once healthful veggies were commonly presented as limp, cooked-to-death wastelands. No wonder I spent years thinking I didn’t like brassicas.

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Posted by Heidi

Guide to Herbal Syrups for Natural Wellness

All of our herbal syrups and elixirs are lovingly handmade by our expert team in Eugene, Oregon. These tasty concoctions featuring herbs, honey, and alcohol, are highly valued for their effectiveness and ease of use. They also make for a flavorful way to experience the benefits of herbs and are excellent herbal allies to have on hand as the weather continues to get colder. All our herbal syrups are made with certified organic and consciously wild-collected botanicals, organic alcohol, and raw honey from the Willamette Valley.

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Posted by Kendle

Herbal Chocolate Bars with Coconut and Almond Butter

With the increased availability of Fair Trade and ethically sourced cocoa products, it isn’t hard to find excellent chocolates these days—but if you’re anything like me, you just have to try making a batch yourself. With such a variety of ingredient options and applications, how could I not? Luckily the basic recipe isn’t difficult, and it pairs well with a variety of fillings.

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Posted by Brett

DIY Aromatherapy: 3 Holiday Diffuser Blend Recipes

A diffusing essential oil blend is a fun way to spread pleasant aromas throughout any space. Expensive and synthetically perfumed candles can be tempting with their bright colors and familiar aromas of candy canes, apple pie, and evergreen cheer, but diffusing pure essential oils at home or work is a wonderfully natural way to scent a room with seasonal aromas. I hope these holiday-inspired blends bring a smile to your face!

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Posted by Kendle

Maqui Berry Mocktail for the Holidays

The weather is getting cooler, leaves have changed colors, and in some regions the snow has already begun to fall. Family and friends gather to celebrate and reminisce. It’s holiday season! This time is notoriously known for eating a lot of food and drinking your favorite drinks, most of which contain alcohol. If you don’t drink much alcohol or prefer to enjoy an evening without feeling woozy the next day, you can still experience the magic of the holiday season with this maqui berry holiday mocktail.

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