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Holiday Gifts for the Home Herbalist

With the holidays just around the corner, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What can I gift my friends and family with this year?” Fortunately, we have compiled a handy gift guide sure to fit the versatile range of important people in our lives. Hopefully these ideas might also add to the joy of this season with the gift of herbalism as its focal point.

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Posted by Tiana

Unscented Shampoo and Conditioner Bases for DIY Body Care

Getting started with creating your own personal care products can be a daunting task. How do we make quality natural products without all the chemical mumbo jumbo? Without time and practice, we realize that it can be a hard project to tackle, so we came prepared! Our new line of natural bases make it easy for you to scent and create your own bath and body products without a doctorate in chemistry! All you need are your favorite essential oils!

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Posted by Kendle

Rustic Vanilla and Spiced Apple Galette Recipe

In college, I befriended an exchange student from France who arrived in NYC just before fall term. Sonia and I would often meet at coffee and tea shops during our break from classes. After discovering a shared love of baking, we made plans to meet at her dorm and make a quintessential American apple pie together. Since she was French, I entrusted her with the pastry making, and I would bring everything for the yummy apple pie filling. To say I was excited was an understatement.

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Posted by Doaa

Holly Teas: What are Guayusa, Yerba Mate, and Yaupon?

Most of us are familiar with the ubiquitous black, green, and white teas. Their incredible popularity and immense history make the tea brewed from Camellia sinensis the world’s most consumed beverage (after water of course!).

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Posted by Kendle

Classic Rosehip Jam (with Canning Recipe)

I have to admit, the concept of this recipe came from an herbal preparation flop. As I was getting ready to hunker down for the colder months ahead, I began my seasonal tradition of making elder berry syrup. Wanting to expand the flavor profile and add a little seasonal boost, I decided to include some rosehips. As it turns out, if you add too many rosehips, your syrup will take on a jam-like texture due to the natural pectin. But all was not lost as it was quite a delicious mishap, and one that I wanted to explore further.

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Posted by Jessicka

How We Handcraft Our Small Batch Body Care Offerings

Every Fourth of July for nearly two decades, Mountain Rose Herbs’ co-owner, Julie, headed into the mountains to collect St. John’s Wort flowers for our certified organic infused herbal oils.

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Posted by Raychel

3 DIY Fall Roll-On Perfume Oil Recipes


The last days of summer are retreating, and I always find great relief during the changing seasons. The cool breezes return, as does the rain here in the Willamette Valley. The days grow shorter, and leaves put their vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds on display. Autumn is fleeting, and finding beauty and respite in this ephemeral time of year can help us transition smoothly into cooler weather.

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Posted by Kendle

Herbal Witbier Recipe for Homebrewers

Homebrewing is equal parts science and sorcery. On one hand, it requires having a firm grasp of the chemistry of the process insofar as water, mash, temperature, pH, and other factors have a big impact on your final beer. On the other hand, artful ingredient pairings are just as important, as your choice of malts, yeast strain, and other adjuncts like candi sugar or organic herbs all combine to add an intangible magic to a brew.

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Posted by Kiley

How to Make Herbal Dream Pillows

In the modern world, it can be challenging to get a good night’s rest. Keeping a healthy daytime lifestyle as well as a calming nighttime ritual are excellent ways to prepare the body for restful sleep filled with exciting and inspiring dreams! There are even traditions in which herbs are used during sleep, not only to bring about peaceful snoozing, but also to create vivid, lucid dreaming landscapes sure to bring happiness, rather than grogginess, to your waking state.

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Posted by Irene

DIY Ginger & Citrus Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

As much as I love the gray, infamously wet skies of an Oregon fall and winter, I do find myself needing the occasional burst of brightness. One of my favorite ways to do this is through
aromatherapy. I long for the scents that I see as “yellow” when I smell them.  These yellow scents are so rare in the winter holiday weeks, which can be so dominated by the deep verdant scents of evergreen and the brown and red notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

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Posted by Jessica

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