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Tim is our Marketing Assistant here at Mountain Rose Herbs. He arrived in Oregon after serving in Zambia as a Peace Corps Volunteer where he worked on a variety of projects ranging from food security, conservation farming, and HIV/AIDS outreach. His first years in Oregon were spent working in rural, coastal areas, researching food systems and the impacts of local food programs. Tim spends most of his free time playing guitar for his band that tours throughout the Pacific North West.

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Sweet & Spicy Chipotle-Honey Caramel Corn Recipe

Glazed popcorn and autumnal weather are a perfect match, and I dared to enhance the experience by adding everyone’s favorite fall flavor—pumpkin pie spice! There’s no snack better to pass around a backyard bonfire with my friends while telling our favorite stories from summer.

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Posted by Tim

Natural K-Beauty Tips & Propolis Moisturizer Recipe

Skincare routines are a lot like diets. We seek them out when we have a desire to change, we handpick them from a list of trends, and we tailor them to our lifestyle in hopes of a positive transformation. And much like diets, these programs are inspired by cultures and ingredients from all over the world. This is where Korean Beauty, or "K-Beauty," comes in.

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Posted by Tim

No-Bake Matcha Cheesecake Recipe

While any time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy matcha, I do find that the resurgence of spring tends to particularly inspire my interest in this vibrant green tea. It’s only fitting—matcha perfectly embodies the spirit of the season, both in its appearance and its origins.

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Posted by Tim

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