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The Herbal Academy is a trusted global leader in herbalism education having trained over 100,000 students worldwide. Founded by herbalist Marlene Adelmann, the mission of the Herbal Academy is to empower people with the art and science of herbalism through accessible, affordable herbal education that represents many points of view and honors our intrinsic connection to nature. Herbalism is for the people, and the Herbal Academy endeavors to connect its student body with the herbal knowledge to support their wellness, that of their community, and that of the plant world with which they build relationship. From Foundational Herbal Programs for beginners through advanced levels, herbalist training paths designed for career-oriented learners, and a collection of in-depth short courses and workshops, the Herbal Academy brings the student experience to life through clearly presented, self-paced comprehensive programs nestled in an inspiring botanically infused, multimedia learning platform! Paired with highly engaged online communities, Herbal Academy students have access to all of the amenities of a state-of-the-art, online classroom right from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere (follow along with our #MyHerbalStudies community hashtag)! If you’re interested in studying herbalism for your personal development or to prepare for a professional career in herbalism, the Herbal Academy has an online herbal program to fit your educational goals. Learn more and follow along with the Herbal Academy on their popular Instagram page @herbalacademy and on their website theherbalacademy.com.
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Essential Oil Blending for Botanical Perfumes

Blending botanical perfumes using essential oils is one of the beautiful ways that we can incorporate pure oils into our daily lives. There’s nothing quite like blending a favorite floral aroma with a little spice or a little citrusy zest and grounding it with a rooty, earthy scent. But there are many ways that perfume blending can go awry! Just because we love the aroma of lavender, and geranium, and vanilla doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll love the three together. To keep aromatic perfume blends balanced, there are a couple of essential oil categories we need to keep in mind. As we say in the Herbal Academy’s Natural Perfumery Course, “Although training one’s nose to distinguish subtle nuances of scent takes years, there is always value in improving one’s scent awareness. One can identify note, fragrance intensity, fragrance category, and eventually, the subtle difference within a fragrance category.”

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