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Tara is the founder and owner of 'Ohana Organics, a natural body care brand created out of her love for the Hawaiian Islands. After moving to California from Hawaii, Tara found herself missing the scents and beauty of the Islands. Wanting to stay home with her children and not finding quality products for her 'Ohana (family) came an idea. With this love, passion and a science background she started 'Ohana Organics, a family, woman-run, organic beauty care company. Since 2000, they have grown all their own certified organic herbs and hand crafted, botanically infused skin care made with Aloha in northern California. All of their products are over 90 percent organic, sustainably sourced and never tested on animals. Tara’s philosophy is real ingredients for real people. "Living Aloha" (being deeply loving, compassionate, peaceful, humble, gracious and much more) is intrinsic to ‘Ohana Organics and deep-rooted in all their business practices.
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All-Natural Tattoo Care Tips & Products for Healthy Skin

So you decided to get a tattoo—now what? Back in the day, care for a fresh tattoo was minimal at best. Many tattooists recommended air drying (i.e., using nothing), or they gave their clients a petroleum-based product to rub on the new ink. Thankfully, the Stone Age times of tattooing have passed, and with tattoos now being socially accepted and even embraced in many cultures, people are looking for updated tips and organic aftercare products for body art care. These days, there’s much more knowledge being shared about how to properly look out for your ink—and its canvas!

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