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Stephanie Mary Pavelko is the creator of magical recipes, photographer of beautiful and nourishing food, and blogger at My Tiny Laguna Kitchen. She has a passion for working with organic, and sustainably sourced herbs, and ingredients. My Tiny Laguna Kitchen is the culmination of food styling and photography with the enjoyment and warmth that healthy food brings. Stephanie not only posts custom recipes, she also posts guides to her favorite places and how to incorporate non-toxic, holistic lifestyle choices into everyday life. When not creating, Stephanie enjoys talking about healing, jumping in to the ocean, traveling, diving into astrology, perusing the local farmers markets, finding new organic farm-to-table restaurants, and being mindful through her yoga & meditation practice.
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Maqui Berry Mocktail for the Holidays

The weather is getting cooler, leaves have changed colors, and in some regions the snow has already begun to fall. Family and friends gather to celebrate and reminisce. It’s holiday season! This time is notoriously known for eating a lot of food and drinking your favorite drinks, most of which contain alcohol. If you don’t drink much alcohol or prefer to enjoy an evening without feeling woozy the next day, you can still experience the magic of the holiday season with this maqui berry holiday mocktail.

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