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Shelley works in the Purchasing Department, helping to make sure our customers have access to the freshest ingredients for their DIY projects. While off the clock, she enjoys growing fresh veggies and flowers, experimental cooking, social and environmental activism, and escaping to the woods or coast with her wolfie dog-beast.

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Southwest Squash Tacos with Spicy Adobo Grill Rub Seasoning

Every late summer, I go down to a friend’s farm in Southern Oregon to help harvest and preserve the hot peppers they grow there. We smoke the jalapenos in a homemade smoker, then preserve them in jars in an AMAZING adobo sauce that we prepare from scratch. The result is a flavor profile that can transport you to a summer night barbeque even in the dead of winter: rich, hot, and smoky with hints of balancing sweetness.

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Posted by Shelley