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Shelley works in the Purchasing Department, helping to make sure our customers have access to the freshest ingredients for their DIY projects. While off the clock, she enjoys growing fresh veggies and flowers, experimental cooking, social and environmental activism, and escaping to the woods or coast with her wolfie dog-beast.

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How to Make “Peppernut” German Spice Cookies at Home

I fell in love with Pfeffernusse cookies at my first real job at a German Deli in Atlanta while in my freshman year of high school. We sold them only during the holiday season, but I would crave them year-round. I loved the warmth from the spices and the firm, chewy texture. I tried a few recipes that I found over the years and was never quite satisfied with the outcome, so I made some adjustments and tweaks in my little kitchen “workshop” and finally came up with a recipe that has all the right notes. I was also happy to find out that by adding a little extra ginger and chilling overnight, this dough is perfect for creating cut-out gingerbread cookies to decorate! 

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Posted by Shelley

Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe with Horseradish & Paprika

A good Bloody Mary is a thing of beauty. Flavorful, colorful, and more substantial than your average cocktail, this sippable standard has intrigued and challenged many a bartender, myself included. As a fledgling craft mixologist, I experimented quite a bit with Bloody Mary formulations, working hard to get all the flavor points into perfect alignment. My roommates and I hosted brunches to showcase and refine our beverage inventions, always searching for ways to take this classic cocktail to new levels of deliciousness.

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Posted by Shelley

Grilled Southwest Veggie Wraps with Spicy Adobo Seasoning

Every late summer, I go down to a friend’s farm in Southern Oregon to help harvest and preserve the hot peppers they grow there. We smoke the jalapenos in a homemade smoker, then preserve them in jars in an AMAZING adobo sauce that we prepare from scratch. The result is a flavor profile that can transport you to a summer night barbeque even in the dead of winter: rich, hot, and smoky with hints of balancing sweetness.

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Posted by Shelley

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