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Sarah Kate Benjamin- Guest Wrtier

Sarah Kate is an herbalist, holistic chef, and cookbook author. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in her early twenties, she relied on nourishing foods and restorative herbs to heal. Since then, she’s been teaching kitchen herbalism and cooking for the past 10 years. Her approach is all about getting people to feel confident building relationships with restorative plants and learning how to infuse them into everyday meals and rituals for support. Her first co-authored book, The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook, was released with Roost Books in August of 2020. Sarah lives in Sebastopol, California where she teaches online herbal cooking classes, one-on-one consultations and monthly meal plan subscriptions.

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How to Make Turmeric Congee

These days, digestion has become a big topic of conversation. Whether it’s “getting regular,” what fermented foods to eat, or what strain of probiotics are the best, people are talking about their guts and how to get them healthy. For more than three thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Asian cultures have been using congee, a delicious, digestion-harmonizing dish of porridge. Typically made with rice but also other grains and legumes, congee is pure comfort, especially on cold dreary days.

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