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Renee Byrd is a photographer, writer, blogger, and yoga teacher based out of Charlottesville, VA. She is the creator and voice of Will Frolic for Food (est. 2012), a food and lifestyle blog celebrating the joy of eating and living vibrantly. Expressing her love for healthy creative food, herbalism, mindfulness and self-care through her blog, Renee posts everything from recipes to lifestyle guides. She creates full time both by maintaining her blog and doing commissioned work for clients. Her recipes and work have been featured by Better Homes and Gardens, Thrive Magazine, The Kitchn, Urban Outfitters, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Alive Magazine, The Local Palate and many more. Renee’s days consist of boat-loads of herbal tea, a fair amount of coffee, teaching and practicing yoga, gathering herbs from the garden, cooking, shooting, styling and editing from her home studio. When she’s not working she loves to dance, eat delicious food, host low key dinner gatherings, paddle board, and goof around with her husband.

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Holy Basil & Strawberry Agua Fresca Mocktail Recipe

Tulsi tea, lime, agave—served chilled or over ice, it’s the perfect mood-supportive cup of joy for a swelteringly hot summer day. Aguas frescas are my go-to warm weather drink, and with good reason! They’re incredibly simple and (bonus) very easy to combine with herbal tea for an extra kick of botanical support or flavor. And when the thermometer hits 100, and I can hardly stand to be in the kitchen, throwing fruit, tea, lime, and sweetener into a blender makes for a great, almost-instant snack, not to mention a fabulous natural hydrator.

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