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Michele Marchetti is a mother, storyteller, and lover of central Pennsylvania food. As the deputy director of The Cornucopia Institute, she has the privilege of advocating on behalf of the hardworking organic farmers who anchor our communities. The former chair of a food co-op, she loves visiting and patronizing independent retailers during her travels. (They are often the best places to eat breakfast or lunch!) On the weekends, Michele can be found on her mat, teaching yoga and sinking into the sacred space between her thoughts.

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Tips for Shopping Green & Clean at the Farmers Market

On Tuesdays in the spring and summer, I step away from my computer and into my own version of paradise. Pulling my car into a bustling central Pennsylvania farmers market, I head directly to the Jade Family Farmstand. These ambassadors of all that is local and delicious fill my bag with bright rhubarb, fragrant sorrel, and oddly delicious kiwi berries—all certified organic and grown by farmers whose growing practices are summed up in four words: First, do no harm.

But farming practices are as broad as pepper varieties, and not all market stands are created equal. Some resell produce bought wholesale: not exactly what we envision when we fill our canvas bags with “local food.”

How does a savvy shopper identify the highest quality farmers market finds while supporting their local food system?

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