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Lisa Olson is a Registered Herbalist (AHG), an Ayurvedic Health Counselor (NAMA), and director of Course Development at the Herbal Academy, international leader in Herbalism Education. Through the Herbal Academy’s herbalism training programs, Lisa has been a part of educating nearly 100,000 students worldwide. Lisa is also a clinician and adjunct faculty at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier, VT. As an advocate for bioregional herbalism, Lisa grows a handful of Ayurvedic herbs on her homestead and enjoys looking at Western herbs through an Ayurvedic lens. Follow Lisa at @sweetoakhomestead and learn more about her work at the Herbal Academy by visiting theherbalacademy.com or by following the school on their popular Instagram account @herbalacademy.
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Bitter Melon: Herb, Food, and Bitter Ally

Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter gourd, has a long history of use in the herbal tradition of Ayurveda. As its common name suggests, this member of the Cucurbitaceae (cucumber family) is very bitter, unlike its many relatives that so commonly grace our dinner table! Even with its strong bitter flavor, bitter melon is utilized in cuisine and herbalism from many areas of the globe, including East Asia, India, South America, and the Caribbean, and it is one of those special plants that straddles the line between herb and food.

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