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Jamie Vojtech is the Claims and Returns Manager here at Mountain Rose Herbs. She enjoys the outdoors, mushrooming, gardening, and tending to her chickens and rabbits. When not at work you will most likely find her outside, possibly playing in some good, wholesome, organic mud. If the weather is just too rough for that, she would be most likely to be found in the kitchen working on a new pickle recipe, batch of homebrew, or crafting by the fireplace.

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DIY Shampoo Bars with Herbs

As a person who aims to lead a sustainable lifestyle, I often find myself reflecting on the areas of my life where I can make sustainable swaps for common single-use items. While assessing my self-care routines, I noticed that my shower was the place that I had the most single-use plastic bottles. I also realized that I had the infamous “graveyard” of haircare products that I had tried but which, for one reason or another, hadn’t worked for me. Long story short, it was way more plastic than I was comfortable with having in my otherwise green household.

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Posted by Jamie

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