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Jacob is our Procurement Officer here at Mountain Rose. A fifth generation Oregonian, he spent his boyhood exploring the woods, leading to a lifelong reverence for nature. Since 2012, he has studied and apprenticed at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. His studies have focused on botany, ecology, wildcrafting, and plant pharmacy. Jacob has a keen understanding of different outdoor ecosystems, including the life cycles of numerous plants and the population dynamics of most species. He is familiar with preparing and using medicinal and edible plants, including cleaning, sorting, documenting, and processing a variety of roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, and barks. He also loves books on plants, Chinese philosophy, and fantasy/adventure novels.

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Organic Chaga From the North Woods of Canada

Mountain Rose Herbs farm liaisons travel into Canada's north woods to visit the harvest sites of our certified organic, wildharvested chaga mushrooms.

The late January landscape of northeastern Canada is stunning, but brutal. This snow-covered expanse presents an imposing front that challenges all who would enter its wild recesses, but our local harvesters know this ground and hike on, undeterred. We follow behind, spurred onward by the promise of encountering an elusive and treasured resident of this hibernating land: Inonotus obliquus, the chaga mushroom.

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Posted by Jacob

Harvesting Seaweeds off the Coast of the Atlantic

Seaweeds, also known as “sea vegetables,” are widely prized for their rich supply of minerals and their unique umami-packed flavor. Bladderwrack, dulse, and nori are some of the healthful certified organic seaweeds that thrive off the beautiful coast of Maine's Atlantic waters. I took a trip across the country to visit with our skilled harvesters who devote their life to these flavorful ocean treasures.

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Posted by Jacob

Sustainably Harvesting Oregon Grape


Alternative wellness philosophies often ask “what is the root cause?” By assessing the root cause, one can take proactive measures towards health and well-being. In the case of Oregon grape, the root of this plant has been used by traditional healers to stimulate the digestive tract. Oregon grape root is classified as an Alterative and a Bitter in the tradition of neo-eclectic herbalism popularized by Michael Moore, Howie Brounstein, and many others.

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Posted by Jacob

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