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Crystal Dawn Silas, MD is an herbalist, emergency room physician, blog writer, speaker, and world traveler who informs and empowers people towards a more happy, healthy, and wholesome life. Dr. Crystal Dawn was born in Queens, NY, and graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She completed her family medicine residency in San Bernardino, California, and then joyfully found her path into the herbal community. Dr. Crystal Dawn has participated in two herbal apprenticeships. Her first herbal teacher was Shatoiya De La Tour at Dry Creek Herb Farm in Auburn, CA. She then participated in Advanced Herbal Study with Rosemary Gladstar on Sage Mountain in Vermont. Dr. Crystal Dawn has also been initiated onto The Priestess Path with Alisa Starkweather in the New England area. She is currently serving as an adjunct faculty member for the Association Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM) and has been enjoying her boutique medical practice where she infuses medicinal botanicals, and other integrative approaches, into her wellness modalities. She nurtures neuroplasticity (a growth mindset) towards the cultivation of the daily lifestyle choices that enhance the body, mind, heart, and spirit's innate abilities to balance and heal. Dr. Crystal Dawn’s favorite holistic tools include medicinal botanicals, food as medicine, breathwork, meditation, epigenetics, microbiome enhancement, Ayurveda, exercise, yoga, guided imagery, forest bathing, nutraceuticals, plant medicines, and immersion retreats. Find Dr. Crystal Dawn via Facebook or Instagram! (@Drcrystaldawn)
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Understanding Herbal Actions and How They Support the Microbiome

We now know that microflorae in our gut, which have evolved in a symbiotic relationship with us over time, directly influence—either positively or negatively—every aspect of our health and wellbeing, including our digestion, immune functions, neurological and emotional health, hormonal balance, cardiovascular strength, and more. Attracting beneficial microflorae (the ones that flip the genetic switches toward health and balance) is a matter of making healthy food and lifestyle choices. In other words, what we eat tips the scales towards wellbeing or dis-ease. When we choose to eat an organic plant-based diet high in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, we attract a much more diverse, healthy, and resilient microbiome, which in turn strengthens our defenses against illness and unhealthy aging. In this line of defense, carminative, nervine, bitter, and demulcent herbs can be leveraged much like secret agents who step in to fend off undesirable effects.

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Supporting the Microbiome Through Diet + Recipes

The emerging research about the human microbiome is changing our view of human biology. We have just begun to study the intense diverse communities of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in and on the human body and to understand how they shape our health. Since Earth’s beginning, the most successful, numerous, diverse, and ubiquitous organisms on the planet have been microbes, particularly bacteria. Every creature on this planet has evolved within this microbial soup and humankind is no exception. Microbes have always lived in and on us. As a result, our physiology has evolved to rely on them to influence physiological functions that have not been encoded within the human genome.

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What Is a Microbiome and Why Is It Important?

In the great words of Hippocrates, "All disease begins in the gut."  The digestive tract is not just for digesting and absorbing nutrients. A well-functioning digestive system will maximally absorb nutrients from our food to provide the energy and the building blocks for maintaining health, healing, and repair. Healthy digestion is not only the processing and assimilation of nutrients, it also involves regular elimination through healthy bowel movements, a balanced immune system, and mucosal barrier function. It is also involved in the proper function of our immune function. In fact, approximately 70% of the immune system resides in the gut!

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