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Carol started out in our Customer Service office after more than eight years in the social services field, making her the perfect candidate for our Director of Human Resources at Mountain Rose Herbs. Her role goes beyond simply screening applicants and conducting interviews. Carol stays intimately involved with each of our departments to ensure that we meet the needs of our bustling organization while better serving our staff and customers. Carol's good humor and her lighthearted command of common sense are influenced by sharing a home with five geriatric cats. As an herbalist, Ceremonialist, ordained minister, and gardener she has fostered a profound appreciation of the "Old Ways" through her work with her Elders and has developed a closer connection with her Celtic and Native American heritage. She also has a weakness for neurotic kitties, bad puns, triple shot lattes, and chocolate.

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Vegan Coconut Macaroons

Ever since my husband became vegan, I’ve been re-crafting my mother’s recipes, including her scrumptious
organic coconut macaroons. My family doesn’t actually have much of a sweet tooth, so when I remove the dairy from recipes, I like to cut down on sugar as well. These egg-free and dairy-free cookies are made with unsweetened, finely-milled organic coconut flakes. In my experience as a macaroon maker, I’ve found that smaller coconut flakes help minimize the amount of flour needed and maximize the amount of delicious coconut flavor. They’re perfect for any occasion! 

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