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Brittany Wood Nickerson is an herbalist, author, health educator, and cook. She combines knowledge of nutrition and a passion for using food as medicine with her training in Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine. Her approach emphasizes personal empowerment, holistic self-care, and intentional living. Brittany is the founder and primary instructor of Thyme Herbal, where she teaches the three-year herbal program, as well as courses in earth-based ritual and lifeways. She teaches at the University of Massachusetts and is the organizer of the Northampton/Amherst Herbal Meet-up group. Brittany is a passionate teacher and an inspirational speaker, presenting at conferences and for programs throughout the country. She is the author of The Everyday Living Series, posters and zines for the home, The Herbal Homestead Journal and Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen.

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Lemon Lavender Fizz Herbal Soda

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs for a busy, worry-prone brain. This fragrant member of the mint family helps to calm the mind and make space for a nervous person to sort through their thoughts and set aside unproductive ones—an important first step toward making a lasting mindset change.

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