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Brett works in the Regulatory department for Mountain Rose Herbs assisting with the ongoing task of maintaining our certifications, documents and GMP compliance. Being raised in the Midwest farming culture he has found a passion in the organic community and a love for the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. He has studied nutrition and Herbalism throughout his farming career and is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. When he isn’t in the office, he can be found in the woods or on the waters, often with his family.

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Herbal Chocolate Bars with Coconut and Almond Butter

With the increased availability of Fair Trade and ethically sourced cocoa products, it isn’t hard to find excellent chocolates these days—but if you’re anything like me, you just have to try making a batch yourself. With such a variety of ingredient options and applications, how could I not? Luckily the basic recipe isn’t difficult, and it pairs well with a variety of fillings.

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