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Bevin Clare is a clinical herbalist, nutritionist, mother, plant lover, and a professor of herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. An herbalist and educator, Bevin is the Program Director of the MS in Clinical Herbal Medicine at MUIH, and brings herbs into the lives of many students, clients, and practitioners with her national and international presentations. She holds a MSc in Infectious Disease from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has studied herbal medicine around the world through her global wanderings, blending her knowledge of traditional uses of plants with modern science and contemporary healthcare strategies. She is a board member of the United Plant Savers, a group working to protect at-risk medicinal plants in North America. Bevin is the current President of the American Herbalists Guild where she works to promote clinical herbalism accessibility and professionalism.

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Fruit compote might be the most flexible and versatile digestive support you’ll make this fall. It’s a mishmash of all sorts of delicious things and there aren’t many rules—all you need is some fruit you can cook and make squishy--and it’s the perfect vehicle for all sorts of herbs and spices.

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