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Anna (Ah-na) Bradley is the Sustainability Coordinator with Mountain Rose Herbs and the co-founder and former Development Director of Whole Earth Nature School, a nonprofit dedicated to mentoring students in the outdoors to foster confidence, resilience, and kinship with nature. Anna received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Oregon in 2006 and has been studying, mentoring, and practicing environmental awareness and immersion skills for over 12 years. Anna is a Clinical Herbalist and is a former student and Clinical Director of the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. She has dedicated her time to giving back to her community through leading ethnobotanical plant walks and workshops, formerly volunteering on the herbal team with Occupy Medical and with Lane County Search and Rescue, and sharing personal stories on her blog "Feral Botanicals". Anna is passionate about awakening people to their natural connections to encourage positive emotional, mental, and physical relationships. Anna is a mother, musician, mentor, writer, gardener, wanderer, and actor.

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Awakening Our Relationship to Nature: The Need to Belong


I sat tucked beneath the juniper tree, my head resting on the pillow of her fibrous bark. I was absently twisting and wrapping the aromatic leaves of a sagebrush around my fingers, each crush igniting fragrant oils into the air. My eyes gazed out across the vast stark white lakebed of the Alvord Desert. The air had begun to cool as the sun migrated closer to the mountain’s edge, preparing for the freezing starlit night. It was here on my very first solo camping trip that I began to contemplate what it means to ‘belong’ and to question why I felt so inextricably disconnected and foreign sitting upon the Earth.

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