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With an intense work-ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, Andrew and his team has helped to expand the "Real Live" business more than anyone could have imagined. The dream of connecting customers and employees to the source of their food while building plant-based and organic food systems is the core behind their work. With that and their love of incredible food, Real Live Food Oregon products can now be found throughout Oregon and parts of Washington.

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Vegan Baked Falafel Collard Wrap Recipe

It’s not news that many Oregonians love to enrich themselves with good local produce that is sustainably and organically grown. And with the abundance of explorable nature surrounding us, portability is a major plus when choosing healthy snacks to enjoy during a rewarding hike through an old-growth forest or along our scenic coastlines. When preparing your provisions before hitting the trail, Real Live Food Oregon (RLFO) has you covered!

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