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Exploring the Resilient Roots of Albanian Agriculture

Albania's mountains and valleys teem with rich botanical bounty. Mountain Rose Herbs and United Plant Savers visited its fecund countryside at the peak of the autumn harvest to meet the farmers and wildharvesters who help bring culinary apothecary herbs and fruits to plant lovers across the world (like the ripe and ready hawthorn berries above!).

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Posted by Jennifer

The Benefits of Organic Farming for People, Planet & Prosperity

Climate change may well be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from extractive industry, agriculture, and modern lifestyles have resulted in today's increased ocean temperatures and acidification, dramatic weather patterns, droughts, fires, floods, and climate refugees seeking relief from the impacts of these disasters.

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Posted by Stacy K.

Pioneering Organic Rhodiola Cultivation in Alaska

Our farm liaisons travel to America's northernmost state to visit the pioneering farmers working to cultivate organic rhodiola in Alaska's rugged landscape.

Arriving at a property that looks across the water to Kachemak Bay State Park, we have our first rendezvous with a group of farmers engaged in a bold agricultural experiment: cultivating organic Rhodiola rosea in the rugged Alaskan countryside. These folks have staked years of work on the hope that this much-prized adaptogen hailing from Siberia and northern Asia can thrive in the challenging agricultural conditions of their wild home state. For us, it has already been a long day of travel that’s left us more than ready to cozy up with some hot tea and take in the incredible views. But we are here to help with the harvest, and there’s work to be done.

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Posted by Katheryn

We're Proud to be an Oregon Benefit Company

This has been a big year for Mountain Rose Herbs! As a values-based company committed to transparency and accountability, we think that businesses can and should create good in the world. We’ve taken another step toward formalizing our sustainable business practices by becoming an Oregon Benefit Company. This legal, corporate designation states that Mountain Rose Herbs provides “a general public benefit” by meeting the criteria of making a material, positive impact on society and the environment through our business decisions and operations.

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Posted by Alyssa

8 Ways to Participate in Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is Friday, November 23. Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we believe that the health of the planet is more important than profit. That's why we support Buy Nothing Day

The Buy Nothing Day movement has been around since 1992 and was organized in Canada to protest overconsumption. It evolved further to oppose the commercialization of “Black Friday,” the big shopping day after Thanksgiving.

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Posted by Alyssa

How Our New Mill Helps Mountain Rose Herbs Better the Community

Not many businesses today have been around for 30 years, but after more than three decades,
Mountain Rose Herbs is still going strong. The secret to our success is simple: we’re always working to improve ourselves, fine-tuning our quality control processes, sustainability efforts, and customer service while also giving back to our community. In recent years, we realized we had outgrown the capacity of our regional organic herb mill, resulting in bottlenecks that interfered with our ability to achieve our goals. So we decided to build a mill of our own!

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Posted by Jana

Inside the People-Powered Mountain Rose Herbs Shipping Department

Once you place your order at Mountain Rose Herbs—either by phone or online—a very personalized process begins. While we strive to prepare your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also put thought and care into each box that leaves our building. 

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Posted by Daniel Durrant

How Mountain Rose Herbs Helps Clean Up the Oregon Coast

Mountain Rose Herbs’ guiding principle is that people, plants, and planet are more important than profit. That translates into supporting organic agriculture, ethically-harvesting plants, fair trade practices, charitable giving, and community involvement.

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Posted by Alyssa

Why Our Pacific Northwest Farms Grow Organic

Near the snow-capped peaks and pristine glacial streams of Cascadia lies a Pacific Northwest family farm. A gravel road winding up an arid canyon leads to the small plot of land where our certified organic milky oat tops are grown, harvested, and dried.

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Posted by Raychel

Why We Pay Our Employees to Get Out and Volunteer

What is it about putting your hands into the soil that feels so good? How about wading barefoot through a stream, or breathing fresh ocean air? Being in nature is simply revitalizing. That’s one of the fundamental reasons we offer our employees the opportunity to get paid for getting outside and restoring natural areas through the Mountain Rose River Project

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Posted by Alyssa

We're Giving Away Five $4,000 Grants!


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