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Guide to Oil Cleansing (& the Best Oils for Your Skin Type)

I know that washing your face with oil may sound a little odd at first, but trust me—this ancient secret is a great way to cleanse and nourish your skin! The reason oil cleansing works is basic chemistry, specifically, the principle that like-dissolves-like. Using nourishing organic oils to clean your face helps break up the grime that gets caught in your skin’s natural sebum. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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Posted by Kiley

Quick Fire Cider Recipe with Common Kitchen Spices

Nothing gets me ready for winter quite like a batch of homemade fire cider. But the typically long fermentation duration has kept me from having this tonic when I need it most. For those who are short on time and fresh horseradish, this recipe is for you! I actually discovered that you can make a fire cider that has the same kick as the traditional recipe in half the time and with dried horseradish. In fact, it can still be a power-packed remedy without any fresh ingredients at all!

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Posted by Raychel

Soothing Wild Cherry Bark Syrup Recipe for a Dry Throat

When I was growing up in the mountains, my father gave me two “winter tips” that were passed down to him from his parents and grandparents. First, keep a pot of water on the wood stove as a sort of rustic humidifier to moisten the dry air that happens in homes shut up tight against the winter cold. This helped avoid the dry mucous membranes and throats that would otherwise plague us. And second, keep a jar of raw, local honey in the cupboard at all times, as this beautiful gift from the bees does wonders to soothe an irritated throat. With the cold weather now upon us here in western Oregon, I’m reminded of that steaming pot of water, stoking the fire against chilly nights, and Papa handing me a spoonful of honey before I brushed my teeth for bed.

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Posted by Heidi

Herbs for Sports: Natural Support for Performance & Recovery

Modern athletes seeking to support health and performance have no shortage of high-tech, lab-synthesized supplement options at their disposal. However, many active individuals are seeking out more natural options to power their active pursuits, and herbalists have plenty to contribute to the conversation!

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Posted by Chris

Homemade Vegan Pho Recipe with Mushrooms

In my late teens, I was bitten by a travel bug from which I’ve yet to fully recover. I spent my young adulthood on-the-move, visiting and living in a variety of settings both urban and rural, across the U.S. and abroad. Along the way, I learned, grew—and ate! I found that delving into different cuisines offered an accessible, informative, and visceral opening through which to explore new cultures in general. No place I’ve ever lived has provided more culinary cultural windows than the intensely diverse city of Chicago, where, after a long ride north on the CTA Red Line, I first encountered phở. After just a few noodly slurps of this fabulous dish, I found myself flushed, near tears, and tingling from head to toe—in short, I was in love.

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Posted by Jana

Our Top Recipes of 2018

While looking forward to a fresh new year, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the past and the lessons learned along the way. We had a blast creating a variety of botanically inspired recipes for you, from natural body care formulations to herbal remedies that will keep you well all year long. Here are seven selections from 2018 that really stood out:

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Posted by Raychel

DIY Ginger & Citrus Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

As much as I love the gray, infamous wet skies of an Oregon fall and winter, I do find myself needing the occasional burst of brightness. One of my favorite ways to do this is through
aromatherapy. I long for the scents that I see as “yellow” when I smell them.  These yellow scents are so rare in the winter holiday weeks, which can be so dominated by the deep green scents of evergreen and the brown and red notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

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Posted by Jessica

Homemade Energy Gel with Chia & Cordyceps from Four Sigmatic

Outdoorsy athletes can be a funny lot. We claim to value nothing more than immersing ourselves in the natural world, yet some of the snacks we use to fuel these adventures are many, many steps removed from anything that grows from the earth. Lots of popular power bars and energy gels contain an unsettling amount of processed sugars and synthetic preservatives, and the individually wrapped servings generally end up in a landfill (that is, if they don’t escape from your pocket and out onto the trail). For these reasons, I’ve been working on finding my own homemade alternatives to power my activities, finding success with some DIY energy bars and now this energy gel recipe from Four Sigmatic.

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Posted by Jana

DIY Dandelion & Orange Bitters for Digestion

Bitters seem to be all the rage these daysand for good reason! Among their many benefits is their much-touted ability to stimulate digestive function. These dandy-orange bitters are no exception. They make a great all-purpose bitter that’s traditionally been used to support normal digestion and is also quite handy as a bitter for mixed drinks!

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Posted by Mason

Vegan Homemade White Chocolate Bark Recipe (3 Ways!)

Ever since I laid eyes on the beautiful pink peppercorns we offer here at Mountain Rose Herbs, I knew they would make a perfect garnish for a sweet/savory treat like chocolate bark. Our pink peppercorns have a bright, sweet, and very peppery flavor—the perfect match for one of our gourmet salts. Little did I know that we also had the ingredients to make the homemade white chocolate to go with it! So this winter season, I revisited my my memories of this childhood treat and embarked on a journey to find a few preservative-free herbal variations to share with my friends and family.

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Posted by Ek Ongkar

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