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Photo Thursday!

One year, 1 week, and 1 day ago, a mead was made! Irene (our homebrewing, bodycare creating, Marketing Director) created a special 11 flower mead for 1/11/11 using our herbs. She brought some in today for a little tasting. Quite a treat! It still needs a bit of aging, but even at this young stage the gorgeous crimson brew has a delicious floral bouquet and wonderful dry finish. Yum!

11 Flower Mead

Heather Flowers

Lavender Flowers

Elder Flowers

Hibiscus Flowers

Chamomile Flowers

Jasmine Flowers

Rose Buds

Meadowsweet Flowers

Red Poppy Flowers

Chrysanthemum Flowers

and a pinch of Blue Lotus.

All deliciously organic, of course!


Irene has promised to post an herbal mead-making blog later this year, so be sure to check back...


Written by Friends on January 20, 2012