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New in the Shop: Organic Culinary Pollens



We are so excited to introduce two new gourmet ingredients to our shop...

This delicate pollen is carefully harvested in California.
Each tin is filled with 1 oz of botanical goodness!


Dill Pollen

This certified organic dill pollen infuses your culinary creations with a flavor that’s both floral and delicate. Dill pollen is highly aromatic and alive with freshness. This is dill in its purest and most unadulterated form. It can be used to finish salads, root vegetables, grilled proteins, or pasta. Use this organic dill pollen anywhere you would use ground or powdered dill for an unforgettable foray into gastronomy.

Fennel Pollen

This certified organic fennel pollen is gathered from fennel plants that are air-dried, then screened to remove petals and stems. Fennel pollen has long graced the menus of high-end restaurants, and now you can use it to enhance your home-cooked meals. Fennel pollen has a distinctive honey flavor that hints at its relatives anise, coriander, and dill. Sprinkle it over salads tossed with simple dressings, jazz up your soups, roasted vegetables, and grilled proteins. Fennel pollen is quite fragrant, and a little goes a long way!


Find our new organic Dill Pollen & Fennel Pollen on our website!


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Written by Christine on May 15, 2015

Christine, Products Manager and Certified Aromatherapist, is super knowledgeable about all our products after having spent more than a decade at Mountain Rose Herbs. When she isn’t overseeing our line of thousands of sustainable offerings, she can be found gardening, running around with her energetic daughter, canning and preserving food, homebrewing, and spending time outdoors.