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New in the Shop: Solomon’s Seal Root Powder

New in the Shop: Solomon’s Seal Root Powder

We are happy to add Solomon’s Seal Root Powder to our roster of herbs and spices.

Respectfully wild-harvested on the East Coast, Solomon’s Seal is a useful astringent, demulcent, and tonic herb. It is generally made into a decoction, but Solomon’s Seal Root Powder makes an excellent poultice. Historically, indigenous cultures of North America consumed the starchy rhizomes of Solomon’s Seal as a potato-like food to make breads and soups. The young shoots are also edible, raw or boiled for an asparagus-like treat. The plant gets its name from a scar that develops on the rhizome in the Autumn, resembling the ancient seal of King Solomon.

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New in the Shop: Solomon’s Seal Root Powder



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Written by Our Products on November 18, 2016

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