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Just Label It!



It’s become more important than ever for consumers to demand the right to make informed decisions when it comes to genetically engineered (GE) food. Today, experimental GE food can be found on supermarket shelves all around the country without a single warning as we stroll the aisles.

Mountain Rose Herbs began campaigning for mandatory labeling of genetically modified food in 1999 and we will continue to petition all of the agencies involved in labeling law until GMO’s are clearly identified. If the American public knew what we were buying, we could easily cast our vote at the register.

So, what can we do today?

The Just Label It! campaign provides a simple way to submit comments to the FDA in support of the GE labeling petition. Their site also offers educational tools to become informed about GE foods, the benefits of labeling foods, and ways to stay engaged.

Millions of consumers are already behind this initiative along with hundreds of partner organizations representing food and farming organizations, the healthcare community, farmers, concerned parents, environmentalists, and businesses.

It’s easy to take action right now.

Click here and tell the FDA to label our food!



Written by Friends on October 27, 2011