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The Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!

Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!

We are excited to announce our next Free Herbalism Project event!

Spring has sprung here in beautiful Eugene and we can’t wait to celebrate Herb Day with an amazing lineup of free herbal classes, free tea, live music, wildflowers in bloom - and wise woman herbalist Susun Weed! This time around will be a fundraiser for the United Plant Savers through the sale of books, t-shirts, herbs, and more botanical goodies. Let's support plant conservation!  




Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR


$4.00 parking

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Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!


Lecture by Susun Weed

My Favorite Herbs for a High Energy Lifestyle

If you want to take a big, juicy bite of life, join me for a high-energy session about the five simple herbs that will do the most for you. You will learn which plant gives you unlimited amounts of grounded, focused energy. You will discover the Swiss secret for increasing and maintaining passion, regardless of your age or sex. You'll be introduced to a great-tasting herb that counters a variety of ailments. You'll find out why my students are in awe of a simple pink flower that grows everywhere. You'll be thrilled by the health supportive powers of a plant used to celebrate Summer Solstice.


Workshop by Tobias Policha, PhD.

Herbs in the Landscape: A Permaculture Perspective

In this dynamic presentation, we will explore the ways in which our common medicinal plants interact in the landscape. What can individual herbs and plant associations tell us about the ecology of our gardens and bioregions? How can we use medicinal herbs in our gardens to promote diversity and increase the health of other crops? Using principles of permaculture design we will discuss the multiple functions of medicinal herbs in the landscape, and how we can use medicinal plants to build resilient, productive, and beautiful gardens. By thinking broadly about health in both humans and ecosystems, we can use these tools to promote the conservation of at risk medicinal plants.


Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!



Plus, we will be grooving to a live band!

Enjoy old-time, foothill, holler music by the Dirty Spoons


Free Herbalism Project featuring Susun Weed!


Want more details about the event? Click here!


Free Herbalism Project - Herb Day Event in Eugene
What is Herb Day?

Herb Day is an international celebration of herbs and herbal products that is packed with events aimed at educating and sharing ideas about the many ways herbs bring joy and wellbeing into our daily lives. We celebrate herbs in food, beverages, medicine, beauty products, and crafts, along with the art of growing and gardening with herbs. Herb Day is a grassroots movement and its events belong to everyone who chooses to participate. Although May 4th will be the focal point of our celebration, we encourage you to commemorate Herb Day any time of year!

The HerbDay Coalition consists of the American Botanical CouncilUnited Plant Savers, the American Herbal Products Association, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and the American Herbalists Guild.

Topics: Sustainability, Herbalism, Specialty Ingredients, Tea & Herbal Drinks


Written by Friends on March 12, 2015

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