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Dandy Tummy Bitters Recipe


Is your digestive system ready for the big feast? Excited for random food combinations of carby, fatty, acidic, spicy, and sweet treats as you nibble your way through the day? Just a drop or two of any bitter herb on the tongue will help stimulate healthy digestion before or after the big meal by getting your gastric juices flowing and your peristalsis moving.

We've covered bitter actions in the past, but herbalist Jim McDonald also has a wonderfully in-depth article you should check out to learn more about the importance of including bitter flavors in your diet: Blessed Bitters by jim mcdonald

If you're looking for a great bitter-aromatic formula to have around during the next big holiday feast, make these Dandy Tummy Bitters! In addition to dandelion's bitterness, the aromatics from the fennel, ginger, and orange will also help with that uncomfortable post-dessert bloat with carminative power and can help relieve excess acid in the stomach too. It's also super easy to make and you'll be happy you did...



2 parts organic Dandelion Root

1 part organic Fennel Seed

½ part organic Ginger Root

½ part organic Orange Peel



If using fresh plants, harvest and clean your herb. Be sure you have proper identification. Finely chop or grind the herb. Fill 1/2 of a clean mason jar with the mixture. If tincturing dried herbs, only fill 1/3 of the jar since dried roots will expand! Pour 100 proof vodka over the herb and fill to the very top of the jar. Be sure your herb mixture is completely covered. Label your jar with the name of the herbs, date, alcohol strength, and parts used. Allow to extract for 6 to 8 weeks, shaking the jar often. Strain the herb with cheesecloth and squeeze any remaining liquid in the herb back into the extract. Bottle the liquid in amber dropper bottles and label.


 Give thanks to bitters!


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Written by Friends on November 21, 2012